Energetic Alignment Client

Anita is amazing. Had my 12 sessions with her and changed my life. Highly recommend her. You feel comfortable and really well looked after - Ildi

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"I found my sessions of EA to be very fulfilling and rewarding. It helped ground me and get my life centred again after a traumatic experience. Many thanks for your expertise Anita" - Judy


"I am so relaxed for days after each session and I have a much clearer mindset" - Lorelle

Session 2: Stress Management - I have only just started seeing Anita and these sessions truly make a noticeable difference. I have never felt so calm, so relaxed, stress free and centred in that sacred place inside. Never have I experienced anything close to this particular feeling. Oh and sleep....sound sleep is so good. Truly this is a contagious experience because I cannot wait til my next session. When stressed, give this a go. Things in your life will really shift.

Session 12: I can honestly say that I have never had anything reach beyond my wall as what this Energetic Alignment has. Absolutely healing and a wonderful wonderful experience. I truly look forward to each session just to reach this place again. I am so relaxed for days after each session and I have a much clearer mindset. Totally beyond any expectation. This experience is extremely sacred. Thank you Anita x

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"100% reccomend if you're looking for that next step in your journey of self growth" Tamika

Anita is such an amazing lady and has transformed my life so much since starting and finishing my 12 sessions. So much transformation has happened for me personally and still so much more to come. She is just such a beautiful soul 🙏 and my life is so much better thanks to her. Definitely 100% recommend if you're looking for that next step in your journey of self growth.

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"I now have a different inner strength when dealing with my emotions. I really encourage guys to open up to an energy that is inside us all" - John

My Energetic Journey started from a place of emotional overload! Not something guys in their early 50s talk about, but due to my life's events I was really struggling with day to day life. I started my journey with an open mind but also with the normal blokey questions and insecurities. Anita was very open to listening to my story and putting me in a great place to put aside my initial fears. The first few energetic treatments gave me an amazing euphoria but didn't last many days at all, but it fueled me to know more. Then I had some weeks where I was left questioning this journey but I am so glad I stayed for the full course. It really did bring me full cycle back to a better place. Of course my real life is still there but I now have a different inner strength when dealing with my emotions. Not just ignoring them and hoping for the best. In completing the journey I have had my eyes opened to a unique world and have someone in Anita who is happy to listen and help again if things get a bit too much. I really encourage guys to open up to an energy that is inside us all. John


"I finally feel calm, grounded and centred with my true self" - Rosie

Anita is such a beautiful soul inside and out, she has been so beneficial in my journey towards growth and healing since completing my 12 sessions. As a highly sensitive empath who has been struggling with depression and anxiety amongst many life changes - moving interstate 5 times in 5 years, career burnout in nursing, navigating first time motherhood and adjusting to relationship shifts.. I finally feel calm, grounded and centred with my true self. I'm looking forward to top up sessions in the future! Thank you xx


Meegan: Best thing I have done for myself ever… 

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Hilda after session 1: ‘I feel so much more normal and back to being my real self after my session with you’.
After session 6: ‘I’m feeling more balanced and grounded, which is a beautiful way to be’.


Kiran: After each session I felt so grounded, calm, relaxed, focused and in harmony with myself.

I feel great and feel more energetically aligned. Will definitely be seeing Anita in the near future for top ups. Anita is a beautiful soul. Thank you 🙏

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Therapist Feedback

A beautiful soul came in for her week 3 treatment and the change in her in the two weeks since we had met was huge. It was the type of change you’d expect to see in someone over months or even years. From emotion filled and overwhelmed to calm, steady and able to navigate difficult life situations.

Seeing the change in 2 weeks makes me excited to see what the next 9 weeks will bring. Thank you for allowing me to accompany you on your journey.

Anita Cassidy

Anita's Journey

When a friend offered me an energy healing session I had no idea what to expect but I trusted her enough to try it. I was experiencing a difficult time in my personal life and without realising it I had built up a lot of protective walls. That first session felt like it smashed those walls down. I cried, she cried, it was exhausting but cleansing and unlike anything I'd experienced before.

A couple of weeks later I still felt different so I committed to the full treatment here in Queensland. As a mum of young kids I loved taking that time out for myself and my sessions gave me a wonderful sense of calm and completeness that lasted for days. I do recall one session left me feeling grumpy instead and I thought perhaps I'd 'done something wrong' but I was assured to just trust it and that I'd feel better after week 9! She was right, I noticed that during the later sessions I was able to 'let go' of my expectations a little more and just accept the session, no matter what came up. Learning to loosen my control around events was a big part of my growth, it still is!

In retrospect I wish I had kept a journal through the process as things that changed in my life all seemed like 'just a coincidence' at the time. However, looking back I realise that the amount of change I went through, both during the sessions and also the 12-18 months after, was bigger than during any other period in my adult life.

Beyond the 12 weeks: The structure that is put in place during the 12 sessions continues to grow and mature for years to come. To this end I have continued having Energetic Alignment sessions over the past 6 years on an ad-hoc basis and while I feel that some sessions simply bring me 'back to calm', there have been a number of sessions where I have felt huge blocks lifting and experienced further shifts in my energy structure, my habits, relationships and even my belief system.  It proves to me that our 'journey' truly is never over, that we continue to change and grow for our whole life. For me personally, Energetic Alignment is something I will keep in my personal development toolbox for good. It surpasses any other modality that I've experienced and so I continue to go for my own sessions as and when I feel the call. Looking back over the past 6 years, if someone had told me back then the direction my life would take, I truly wouldn't have believed back then some of the changes that would come to pass!

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